Social Media Gets Facetime: Etsy, Craft Fair & xoxo quilts!

I had a crazy, fun, busy, crazy weekend!  Lots of stuff was going on in San Francisco’s East Bay that relates to seeing art, selling art, and talking about art!

Social Media Breakfast East Bay @ Westside Cafe in Berkeley

Friday morning, I attended the Social Media Breakfast of the East Bay, which was hosted by Lithium @ the Westside Bakery Cafe, 2570 9th St, Berkeley.  The food alone was enough reason to go!  The baked goods were hearty and full of tasty, natural ingredients, and there was tons of fresh fruit like pineapples, kiwis, and berries.

We were invited to make announcements, so I piped up about the Etsy sale happening in the neighborhood.  When I checked in on facebook, I was reminded that every time you go out of the house, you might be part of someone else’s photo op!  In my two grey sweaters and puffy vest with my serious face, I just don’t hold a candle against the friendly appeal of hep guy in the beret!  Shel Israel spoke on the future social media, and the conversation veered into internet privacy.  Hmmm…

If you get a chance to catch the breakfast when Katy Keim from Lithium speaks, go!  She closed the meeting with remarks about what happens NOW, now that everyone is using social media, what’s the next part of the dialog between commerce and social?

SF Etsy Team Sale in Berkeley

After the breakfast, I hit up the SF Etsy Valentine’s Sale at 10th and Gilman.  I was really curious to see the people of the Etsy shops IRL.  I guess the same thing I love about the Etsy vibe is the same thing that tweaks at my marketing heart.  It’s supergrass roots, so sometimes it’s just gonna be very home-garage-sale looking.  The signs anyway.  They’re intriguing because they’re made by hand.  Yet, they don’t really prepare you for the $3500 price tag on some of the art.  It’s a branding mishmash, and sometimes in the spirit of spontaneity, you just have to go with it, I think.

I ran into my friend from the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild who sews under the name KTseams, and I just missed her modeling one of the vintage dresses… darn!  Thank goodness, the seller took photos>>

Valentine’s Craft Sale & Flea Market @ Oxford School, Berkeley

Still in this crazy weekend… made it over to the fundraiser for the Oxford School.  I went to pick up some homemade sweets for the Saturday night reception.  Plus, I wanted to drop by and see Stacey Sharman, whose Peppermint Pinwheel quilts, I just covet.  The surprise of the flea market-style sale?  Fat quarters priced at 50 cents, and even as I was picking out all the stripes and graphic prints, the nice lady dropped the price to 25 cents per quarter.  Well, you know, I had to get $3.25 worth!  Steal! >> Show @ Creative Framing & Gallery, Oakland

Saturday night was the reception for the Group “Sweets” show @ Creative Framing & Gallery.  My Spinning quilts were featured on one wall, and my Bodega Bird looked great with some of the sculptured birds in the group showing.  I met lots of artists, their friends, and local business people from the Woodminster neighborhood.  Heather Piazza, owner, is a special lady.  For more/bigger photos, check out the post on my blog>>


Branding Strategist & Quilter
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