January – Getting Down to Business: Selling

To close out 2010, I sent my clients a small gift… one that met all of my criteria for gift-giving – functional, stylish, and designed to help the recipient grow and prosper.
You guessed it! I gave them each a blogging notebook!
The idea is to stash the notebook in your bag and then to whip it out whenever a notion, concept, or quote strikes you as worth future pondering.

Here are just a few places I’ve used my own blogging notebook in the past month:

  • Any meeting – no matter the topic, because it will always relate back to the way people think and behave
  • Driving – billboards, hand-written signs, and radio interviews can all inspire
  • Driving – because this is often when one has time to reflect on recent activities
  • Gatherings – sometimes you have to excuse yourself to the coatroom during a party, but I find people are particularly quote-worthy when they’re loosened up in a social environment
  • Coffee shops & libraries – watching people is a good way to think about what matters to real people you could reach out and touch

This week, I ran across some great ideas about blogging from two smart ladies, Alyson Stanfield and April Bowles-Olin.  I particularly like April’s take about using your blog (and your time) wisely.  She suggests building brand through your perceptions but to always be very clear about what you are selling.

Alyson Stanfield – Art Biz Blog

Do you feel pressure to write the perfect blog post in a single sitting?
That’s rarely how good blog posts come together.
The secret to having a vibrant blog is to juggle a number of ideas for posts so that you’re writing a little bit at a time rather than an entire post at once.
The secret to coming up with these ideas in the first place is . . .  are you ready for it?
For more>>

April Bowles-Olin – Blacksburg Belle

One of the most common questions I get from creative entrepreneurs when I’m consulting with them on their blogs is, “How do I get my readers to buy my stuff?”
I’ve found that there are 3 main reasons why readers don’t buy:

  1. The blogger doesn’t have an obvious way for readers to buy.
  2. The blogger doesn’t blog about anything related to her products.
  3. The blogger only posts products as he uploads them to Etsy or his online store.

For the REALLY GOOD details>>

Happy selling to you via blogging in 2011!

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4 Responses to January – Getting Down to Business: Selling

  1. suzlong says:

    Guess what! The tag line, “for the REALLY GOOD details>>” on April’s contribution piqued my interest to click there. What would be the REALLY GOOD ones? A great carrot!
    I’ll take that to heart in my own blogging.
    Thanks Cyn and thanks April.

  2. These blogging notebooks are so darling I can’t stand it. What a GREAT idea! Hmmm. Good enough to steal. Thank you for sharing the photo.

    Your clients are quite lucky.

  3. asrai7 says:

    Wow, this is an incredible idea! What a creative and tactful way to not only push what you’re doing, but give other’s the opportunity to try it for themselves! This was a very inspiring post, I’m sure more great things will come your way. :)

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